niches evolve, verbs enter riches, stop under gambling; aliens run, creating ornery avalanches; tools
invade nails, growing aloof; tripping herds, intelligently near gardens; leaving intolerable voices
effortlessly – drying errands, taking, encouraging ritalin, miles; inventing neon, everlasting droughts
through ovens; buying real intimidation, negotiating green
Highlighting immediate movements
grand, luminous, omnipresence; replaying years, inside newspapers, enthroned volumes, earn
righteous yawns, throwing heavenly inclusions; nightly glowing, timed infractions; seduce alligators
biting reptiles; i go home! three termites, insidious mimes; eleven tuesday’s, read; yellow illusions
needing greek – feta, avocados, carrots; installments, next gregarious enrollment, vice
empowerment, royal yesteryear; sexy trousers, oiled railroads; my late enchilada – thick; trapping
inserts, nine giraffes, naked octopus, tolerating hippos, incarnating; north – greenland
butterflies, evacuations; fermented, insulated nouns, around: lullabies, buildings, utopias, trees, taxis
– onto narrow: lanes, yards, canvas, roofs, artificial dandelions; lemons, earmuffs, dogs
encyclopedias, strangers trolly – insidious narks; you abate loyal legalities; twisting hemorrhoids
erroneously making offers, reaping encounters; tailgating: olives, staples; using
drawings, dreadful eliminations; nasty brands, endless autumns, undoing themes
including fallout, until lakes view, icons; collecting toys, ordinary rest – yonder
eluding vacuum’s exterminated; rolling, yes – mimicking orders, rejoicing novels


Painting by Nicole Beaver on 29 AUG 2015

Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

Tolerance Endured


steering tightly, away – you’ll indulge; nerfs, teddy-bears; hollering evergreens, cherishing
evaporation, neglecting taverns; earnestly, restaurants – nibble entrepreneurship; violet eggs
ridicule brown envelopes – anticipate productivity; roping eternal ties, eluding nests, depicting
efforts, revering antlers, legitimate woods; antagonistic yules, safe sacrifices; understanding
regretful rest, entrusting: nickles, ducks, eagles – rolling through outer-space, longing
overturning verbs, eliciting birds; entertaining branches, raving advice; veering, enforcing
strife; angles, violence; europe lands another upside-down gut; hissing theology, embracing
rudeness, extracting music, playing loud; organs, yodel, flying – residence, evacuating
enochs, dreamers – old masters, forbearing omega; reading timetables, heightening
empires, reclaiming emotions;
incubating, select nourishment, outrageous limos; overdrive
sensible success, better endurance’s, quietness; universal – ice cream, kindness – tries opulent
friends – orchestrating reform, grieving inventions: voice, egos – ordain time, hormones
escaping readiness; streamline divorce, outdated news; offensive traffic kills – efforts, effecting
produce; annual groups, ridicule; undergoing dangerous grenades – eventually, heads, over long, decide
oblong, nutrients; tipping objects, touching red – unsophisticated triptychs; harmoniously flourishing
outlandishly, ripe; eventide’s vapors, elude rhythm – arbitrates blues; olive vibrancy: ends


Painting by Nicole Beaver on 27 AUG 2015

Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver