Out Wooded


fiddling; irritates, negotiating – dangerous; arguments… strip, wise; earnest – eudemonism
tailgates stimuluses’, promises – over, traditional androids?  neutral developments; lisping?
egos approve?  royal, nautical; trees… harmoniously reaching – out?  until, growths, help?
aqua, limivorous life?  tracing, heavy encumbrances?  popular heroes; advise!  see endless
successes; instrumental necessities?  lost?  intertwined floods… equipollent, crazy rationales
end; around, taking…  eager, autonomous – homes; adventurers politely, praise, yang
strengthening tolerance, inventing rhyme; encouraging, neglected deals?  unregulated regrets
evolve widening intelligence!  trapping, honor?  telling immediate, memories – everything?
signaling outside; asking kings?  understanding?  politics… kerymatic noumenon; outlined
windows, legends; eagles dance?  guiding embassies, learning ironic – kremlinology
eavesdropping, arresting: spies, people organizing – natural games?  therapeutics, healings
endangered? native regulations – up?  never!  withdrawing immodest… tithes?  holding
wishful, important – styles daring; orderly, moves?  artfully naming, days!
going…  right; against, circular – entertainment!


Poem by Nicole Beaver on 23 AUG 2016
Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

*Saved at 2160×2160 resolution

Flowing in Unison


dimension, suspension – determination; liquid gravitation… making mention? singing – notes
following along; highs, lows… nothing incomplete; compete! win, encore! score! hello… radio
on, hearing – happy! musical inclination; fine, direct – line! saturated… divine! mature rhyme


Poem by Nicole Beaver on 12 APR 2016
Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

*Saved at 1800×2160 resolution