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If you are using your phone to view this website – PLEASE – also see it on a regular computer screen -OR- turn your phone around full screen to capture the poetry in the correct format. Each poem is tailored for the computer. I do my very best for the poetry to come into the proper arrangement but there are occasional glitches that cannot be avoided.

Thank you,
Nicole Beaver, Artist & Poet

Revering Esteem

outfit’s, oh; neat!  smart feet, playing?  longing – making, harmony… songs: forever after
artistically, wondering; original realities – dare!  inspiration suggests… paving
over, overdaily, impromptu motivations, pretending organizations?  remedy
topics… analyzing, noticeable terms!  parting; others hear? counter offers?
staff, coolly; orders politeness!  anticipated decorum; overtly
ready estimates… iconic testaments


Poem by Nicole Beaver on 16 NOV 2017
Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver