Courage Endorsed


incorporated; nomads dig… ump’s language – golden?  enforce nutrients!  end difficulties?
until calling; another… transitional, irate – often, nagging; amphibian?  nerfing doom!  figuring
indefinite narks!  doormen – argue; nightly, evaporating… winds – lisp; earthshaking apologies
shining emotions – ozocerition… normal?  level information!  from encoded – forms; organizing
ready, grants… entering; tryouts, totally happy; equipment; politely agreeable, suggest!  tolerating
interviews; taxing, whole interests – living, liking… nyctitropism?  empowerment; violating early
retirement; longing aghast!  sensations touching – reality – epitasis; frightened… resumes, against
illusioned, negligee… feeling; ripped off – mother, legally oversees, ornery karaoke; invents
nova; greatly disagrees… overtly; wishing nictitate!  standing through!  rolling entitlements
neglecting guidance?  thirsty; hangovers, overjoyed – never love… yech!


Poem by Nicole Beaver on 07 APR 2016
Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

Movements of Grandeur


navigations endure; visions, entertain… rhythms – local; entrepreneurs, team; giving onto
orle, delivering… documents; enthused, eager – doves!  slapping gratifications, only? unfettering
noises; dipping over, nocturnal – eavesdroppers!  binding understatements; through, really
advanced terminology – heating; earnest rules?  sensationally taught?  among yentas?
satisfying tears?  endangering… analogies – dear!  yield?  formal attire; cultivating invaluable
nerves… grating, estivated verbs; enthrone right; yuppie, thanking help!  independent
networked – growths? willingly introducing theatrics: harnessing – interpreting; cradling
another’s needs?  taken higher… earning, new – pleasing; lights, available… nearly, forever
organizing, rewritten thoughts; hoping effluences play?  offering satisfaction; insisting
triumphant, invisible – values? enforcing, monumental answers!  rightly karst!


Poem by Nicole Beaver on 07 APR 2016
Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver