supporting; key international labels, land statistics – tolerate: apples, kites, earthworms
produce, ripe elevators, charge insidious ounces; upscale sauces, tickle investigation’s moral
enthusiastic takeovers, outbound – lover’s equator; aquarium, running north, butter up, through
bedroom’s euphoria, pricey entertainment; always centered, endorsing – flags, unimportant lags
amused nymphs – daydream; chalkboards – hello; every elk, rattlesnake, firefly; universal lid
analog livestock; overlook needy geese; tolerating homes, earning wide angles; yearly
dad – effectively velcros encyclopedias; learning only pizzas, intercepting new gates
arrogantly fries rolaids!  eventually… encounters – start, with answers
yacking help!  adventures yawn?


Painting by Nicole Beaver on 25 SEP 2015

Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

Get Up


pitiful agony, involuntary nerve; hurling uneven rainbows, timeless sensations, arguments
nocturnal, drenched – inseparable slight avenues; stellar encouragement, tangled barricades
articulate cracks, kernel better, unequal trenches tremble, artificial kayaks, encircling trout
howling equipment, paddling recedes, orchestrates people, erroneously royal; dropouts oppress
single entrepreneurs, often flinching, heckling employers, lollipops, popcorn; invigorate nitrogen
oval radiation, developing endless recordings; tailgating opinions, gathering earnest try-outs
building architectural, christian kings, until pilgrims – thanksgiving; heats enthusiastic nights
cherishing optimum, nuggets, thinking illuminates neutrality; unequivocally eliminates
treacherously outrageous grades, obfuscates helium, enlightens language; plants initiative
nips grudges, opens tricks, heavy errands, right sticks – apply; liberty, others nag glory
thursdays’ hold every wednesday’s alimony; yikes!


Painting by Nicole Beaver on 24 SEP 2015

Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver