Rushing Thoughts, Happily Taught


hyper artichokes – viewing; intellectual neumanns, grouping; terrene hexastich, english
dictionaries emphatically – supreme; inventing regulations?  enforcing, thematic ondaaje?  writing into
nights; incorporating sufficient, analogies?  wielding earnest, success – oh! my!  enveloping
buzzwords! undertaking – tall, inflections… timely?  tricks… amid, kanban?  estimating, serious ills?
neurilemma toxic!  eating game?  rifling, interfering… touching – yearning?  anthropology; nectary
doctrines – avoid; claim early – rolls; take adventures, into narrative!  advancing, uncertain depths
anticipatingcreative invoices – ordering up!  sententious news!  erotic senses, stretch; taking orders
proclamations; reconstituted or clever?  leaving another; intermediate mystery?  frankly, remember
euphoric euphemisms, designed: only making, advice – neglecting, days?  vindicate intolerable, clowns!
thoroughly offer; rhetoric – yes!   optimize velvet; entertain royalty?  educate
visions, earthly rides – yacking forever!  overdriving expectations…


Poem by Nicole Beaver on 25 MAR 2016
Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

*Saved at 2160×2160 resolution

Healed Dilemma


revisiting eventide, favoring land – exuberant concerns; texting imagination!  nightlights
going – black!  arguments cracking… kaleidoscopes?  withering among, radicals; doing
sensational anniversaries!  listening – weird analogies?  yodeling songs; beware!  revolutionary
interventions?  nagging giants – salute!  pianos admire; intelligent needs?  taken – held, early
relief, earnest flowers?  offer: recreation’s end?  retirement endures!  meditations aim
immaturely – north?  collect adventures… lost; musing likely?  oh!  observe; kicking
avenues, wildly aghast – yonkers!  forget real, omnipotence?  music engulfs… violently
estranged, recanting yesterdays?  theaters have… initial news – giving: blankets, lists
uniforms; early inaugural – negotiations?  stay – telling everyone, ardent divisions, seducing
allegiance; yikes!  inseparable loyalty, over velocity; earthy, yellow… oxen – uneventful!


Poem by Nicole Beaver on 19 MAR 2016
Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

*Saved at 2160×2160 resolution