*** WARNING ***

If you are using your phone to view this website – PLEASE – also see it on a regular computer screen -OR- turn your phone around full screen to capture the poetry in the correct format. Each poem is tailored for the computer. I do my very best for the poetry to come into the proper arrangement but there are occasional glitches that cannot be avoided.

Thank you,
Nicole Beaver, Artist & Poet


beaver found a dam! politics calm down
‘tis a stranger wishing; fishing for more
animal sounds: slap, splash! crowning thou now
whilst stubbornness does show? a hero – score
beaver floating, swimming; breaking small twigs
problem solver; master? faster, taste – wow
finding: words, punctuation; pick a fig
stole a whistle! hum a tune? for a cow
escaping, escaping, escaping… hey
all rituals golden; oh, roaming now
holding an egg? tea with that? go… no way
characters moving within a play – thou
‘tis a stranger, fading faster! yes, yes
beaver writing, all day… bliss; ‘tis, oh – fess

poem by Nicole Beaver: 5-11-17