The Perfect Endeavour


white heavens – eternal nesting; true horizons… enter… suppliant endorsements, electrent deeds
stowe; otolith fickle, hundredth ozonide – popular, eaglet… righteous?  play, lunging androids
native talents; ennoble dropouts, lettuce eat tamales?  takeout?  hog’s enthrone? reality – over
oxford’s trail… sanctioning; green outfits?  dealing owner’s – wisely negotiate?  decollates, evenings
empower princesses?  thwarting offensives?  dames radicalized?  awesome weapons?  treasures
hold everything?  while, antiques team – escritoires?  repelling suicides?  often flying; long
invisible flights?  errors avoid!  natural devices 2 provide rain; orgasms do… uncertain challenges
earthly highs?  estradiol; ace, lateral takes?  hold yokes… raiding intellectual – pattons; exterminating
frozen rebels?  undoing invitations?  tauons, truth; halving angstys, trophies: willingly invest lusts?  learning?  simple, unpopular salts; throwing arsenals, into nitrate?  telling insults; might expire?


Poem by Nicole Beaver on 02 MAR 2016
Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

*Saved at 2160×2160 resolution