The Ace


darkness – evades velocity; essentially, looping, over plywood, i’ll narrate; greenhouses – yesteryear’s
outweigh utopias; reading, civility; hound around – right – aristocrats, catching tact
easels, royal; tycoons, among kryptonite – eating, succulent thyme; incredible mimes, environmentally
arousing nintendo; dodging – igloos, neon, tiles; enforcing, grout; really, insidious – truths
you’ll dropout; oxymoron’s nullifying – twice, leading; october octanols, stealing efforts, hammering
enshrined; arrogant, relatives; trying artificial languages… only nouns – go; typing… heroes, escape
wide arrows – yes!  yield; estranged infantry, lewd dogmas, tolerating oxen; jaded oars
Yahweh’s aroma, nearly drives – cents; ignorant titans…
trudge, hedges; run!  o, undo – gooey, humidity

Poem by Nicole Beaver on 17 NOV 2015

Photographed, digitally edited, and uploaded by Jason Beaver

Dedicated to Jason Beaver for Christmas 2015